From accessing banking services to high regard places, including companies and offices, you will always find a security guard in the area. Apart from protecting the places from illegal activities like theft and vandalism, they also assist people who feel lost in accessing particular services. A security guard acts as a link between the client and the employer.

But what exactly is security? Read on.


The term ‘security’ comes from the Latin word ‘securas,’ which means ‘safe’ or ‘free from danger.’

Therefore, security is the freedom from exposure to danger and creating a feeling of certainty and safety. It is also a way of protecting any property against burglary, invasion, destruction, and ensuring people’s security.

Because the world is rapidly advancing socially and technologically, it is essential to understand the security features and actions to improve security. The primary goal of accessing security is to inhibit crime against people, property, and complete information. With the guarantee, people are safe and free to conduct their regular businesses and chores without fear.

Generally, there are two main categories of security; public security and private security.

Public Security

The public security system usually gets funding from the central government in the public interest, such as the security forces. This is because it is the government’s role to ensure all the citizens, institutions, and organizations are safe against all types of threats to their productivity and well-being.

The obligations of public security groups consist of several roles such as;

  • Stopping crimes and other criminal felonies
  • Helping victims of crime
  • Writing and laying criminal charges
  • Capturing or detaining criminals or people suspected of participation in crimes
  • Probing crimes
  • Implementing search and arrest warrants,
  • Take hold of pieces of evidence and bearing witness in court

The police, for instance, also protect public assets and residents and impose laws and governmental protocols.

Public security protects airports and railways, ensuring that citizens travel and work therein safely. Not to mention the public security personnel that helps the state police to maintain law and order. Another role is to provide internal security and public service in emergency circumstances, like fire, earthquake, cyclone, epidemic, and more.

Private Security

Private security is simply security offered by a person apart from a public servant to guard or care for people, property, or both; it also consists of armored car service facilities. Private security is typically from private agencies to customers at a cost like the Security Company in Birmingham.

The private security industry comprises all types of private groups and persons offering all forms of security-based services, for instance, investigation, lie detection, patrol, guard, alarm, and armored transportation.

Many security agencies branch out to provide services like personal guarding, cash supervision, electronic security control, security consulting, and training. Private security services offer various impressive activities for instance;

  • Observing and reporting illegal activity
  • Stopping and identifying robbery or embezzlement of goods, money, or other valuable items
  • Guarding persons or property
  • Supervisory access to client properties
  • Securely transporting prisoners
  • Taking prosecution action by detaining or arresting people
  • Providing dog services for safeguarding premises or detecting illegal devices and substances

People or private organizations own private security for protecting premises as well as personal protection. A private security guard can have or not have arms. If the abilities, competence, positive attitude, and hard work of a private security guard are top-notch, they will likely climb the ladder to a Chief Security Officer (CSO) rank.

Security Agency

This is an organization that trains and hires people for the roles of security personnel in different settings. A private security agency usually provides security services to private security guards and supervisors or hires security guards to a person, property, or industrial undertaking. You will find an Act that gives regulation to private security agencies concerning matters and incidents in some regions.

A private security agency offers employment to security personnel by either proprietary or contractual security.

Proprietary Security

This is usually enterprise-owned, with the security personnel on the payroll of the enterprise.

Contractual Security

In this setting, agencies work with organizations to accomplish either their security needs or employ contractual security. Therefore, an enterprise will hire or outsource security services for a pre-determined period called a ‘contract.

Usually, every private security service should prioritize a Navy, Army, Air force, police, or the Home Guards.

In the two main categories, there are types of security guards you need to know. Read on.

Residential Security Guards

These security personnel get employment for guarding apartments, estates, elderly homes, and other residential areas to protect the residents. Apart from protection against robbery, they also ensure the safety and well-being of all the residents. In other words, people refer to them as ‘watchmen.’

Personal Security Guards

They are the personal security to their employers, the same as ‘bouncers’ or ‘bodyguards.’ They never let the employers of their sight while in public; hence their job description is to accompany their bosses everywhere they go.

Commercial Security Guards

Private business property is likely to need some security; hence, you will note business security guards’ presence. These security guards defend business premises and still oversee commercial areas, looking at the staff in and out, guarding private business information and competitive advancements.

From a minor therapeutic business to a 10-story building, commercial security guards operate attentively, maintaining your business, resources, and agents safe.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Mobile patrol is the unending patrolling for your office or home premises around the perimeter. These security guards watch your business and home properties on a devoted vehicle all day and night to monitor for any suspicious activity or risk.

They not only keep intruders away but can also hold captives within a specific area surrounding the region.

Event Security Guards

Anything that involves an occasion with a lot of people seeks out this sort of security services. It could be a small or large private gathering, a wedding, or a high turnout occasion with many people. Security services usually give reinforced security at events by using some different methods like;

Entrance/ Access Points: In a private function, you will not need or expect any stranger or uninvited individual to enter. Therefore a security guard will guarantee that only those with mandatory passes get in. conversely, the persons who don’t have access will receive tactful termination without creating any unnecessary scene whatsoever.

Crowd Management: Any occasion that is likely to attract many people should need correctly overseeing. A security service comes in handy since it can ensure your event area is well-planned to control and handle the group. Altogether, security guards get a job to guarantee productive and suave progress of the function.

Prevent Conflict: In most events, conflicts are inevitable. Usually, these conflicts begin whenever there is a liquor pour out and high interest. Consequently, a security guard’s role is to intercede at the perfect time to assure that clashes will not progress further into a battle. They are simply the peacemakers in such settings.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Those security guards that do not need to carry a gun and other defensive weapons to protect a person provide the unarmed security service. Conversely, the armed security guards should have guns and other required weapons to protect an individual who is likely facing threats or danger anytime, anywhere.

Armed security service is also necessary for a possibly strained situation or in a business that is in a high crime zone. Maximum safety is all that matters either way.

Technical Security Guard

Technical security is among the most widely used services globally. This is because it does not require hiring physical security guards on the properties but rather using technology to assure your property’s safety and protection.

Most people set up CCTV cameras that are recording every minute and everything. Also, they install motion sensors to spot intruders and criminals. The recorded footage got from the camera is likely to be ample evidence to open a case against the culprit. Moreover, security agencies don’t need to send their personnel over to your premises to watch over but instead, use technical devices like installed cameras and sensors.

Static Security Guards

Unlike mobile security guards, static security guards remain in one position to monitor people and material movements. They may use electronic surveillance systems to make their job more effective. In places that need maximum security all the time, these static security guards take turns and shift to man the post in watching against any threats of robbery.

 Fire Watch Security Guard

A security service can train their guards in fire fighting. This training better prepares their security guards to identify unsafe situations that can lead to an unnecessary fire. Additionally, after a building catches fire, the security service blocks it off to let the fire department competently manage the fire before it spreads later on and runs an investigation.

Either you are searching for a job or want to hire security guards; you need to have a clear understanding of all of the above and several other security services.