In the technological era, blogging has been considered as one of the effective ways of making money online and also provide the platform where the blogger has been able to express the views and thoughts impressively. Let us try to look at some of the best blogging hosting sites that have been available for the users, along with their salient features.

Here are some of the essential features of the blogging site that offer several benefits to the users and are listed below:

Speed: It has been known that web user will expect to site the load in 2 seconds or less that supports the ease of accessibility feature and add extramural experience to the user while browsing the site. The online shopper operating all across the globe looks to find their merchandise at a high pace. It has been noted that 79% of the buyer don’t return to the site if the operating speed of the site seems to be low.

Features: The beginner blogger also looks to perform a lot of tasks for them and thus find the natural install that drags and drops the website builder, stat trackers along with the free domain names.

Security: There are two significant reasons for finding the secure website: server shutdown along with the virus protection. The individual has been required to pay a bit more regarding them; however, the individual doesn’t want the server crashing that took place during the holiday shopping season. The individual also looks to avoid the viruses that attempt to retrieve the personal information and shut down the system.

Support: The support concern of the website relates to the fact that how quickly the user expects the answer toward the technical interest? If the individual needs to choose the 24*7 support, there have been needed to search for the web host provider that tends to respond query in a quick interval of time and deliver effective response for the web bloggers.

There are four types of servers available. The shared server tends to be cheaper; however, they are gone down for the reason that such kind of server has been shared with different subscribers.

The VPS servers tend to be costly, and when it has been shared across the space that has been available on the server, space has been cut off through the subscriber. It seems to create a complex problem for the subscriber that is using the webserver.

The dedicated space tends to be expensive enough that doesn’t make it favorable for the most individual; however, tends less likely to crash.

The fourth type of server refers to the cloud system that tends to function such as the VPS system and seems to make use of the different server that has been used in the network and is more secured in comparison to the traditional VPS and shared servers.

It is one of the best options available for the user that are not willing to pay for the webserver and is considered as one of the largest blogging communities available over the web.

It quite eases for the beginner user to understand the concept and seems to avail the benefits free of cost. It appears to be a perfect choice if the individual doesn’t care much regarding the process of customization. Along with such, the process to upgrade the feature has been available free of cost. When the user is ready for an upgrade, there has needed to switch to

It referred to the extended version of and considered being one of the best sites for the blogger that is looking to create effective content in the specialized genre.

The process of installing the site seems to be user-friendly, and there has been no need to know regarding the coding to create an eye-catching website that tends to attract the mind of visitors toward the business.

HostGator is another option for the blogger that seems to keep down the cost and cater to every beginner for the easy installation of the site. The website builder will attain the Word Press site quickly by moving the single click over the installation button.


It has been encountered that some of the earliest bloggers make it the perfect choice for blogging purposes. The process to make and put the content seems to be quite easy and being able to publish in a quick fraction of time.

The blogger attains the useful little widget, however the individual needs to be quite familiar with some code for the publication and helps the site to bring out the elementary age for the processing to a great extent. This refers to the best hosting platform where the user has been able to create exciting content and influence the mind of visitors to a great extent.


Tumblr refers to the site which has been available free of cost and unusually easy for the setup. The salient feature of the site rival types of the Blogger and This has been owned through the provider of Yahoo, and thus blogger finds it easy to make use of the website for experiencing the hassle-free blogging experience.

Square space

The Square space seems to get popularity across the blogger for the reason that they don’t look to sacrifice the elegance concerning coding skills. It has been one of the few hosting sites that offer blogger with the chance to make an attractive quality website without understanding the ounce of code. It has been because there needs to be a free trial version to be included through which the user would be able to attain a compelling experience.


These are some of the popular available for the blogger where the user can create and put effective content to attract the mind of visitors. In addition to such, there has been a need to understand the process to a great extent to deliver valuable content.