The increased invention and redesigning of drones by both government agencies and individuals have opened ways beneficial to both individuals and groups of people at large. As they are referred to, drones are called unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be used for surveillance and other purposes.

They are small, lightweight vehicles fixed with wings and rotors and can either be powered by a battery or a solar panel. More so, depending on the need the drone is designed for, they can be mounted with high-resolution cameras to capture on-ground activities.

Although there are several costs associated with drones, it is based on the needs of the user or the purpose of usage that determines the right options to use. Some drones range from tens of thousands of dollars, which are mostly used by the military. That been said, average lightweight drones for the use of an average individual can be purchased from as they offer the best quality drone.

The Practical Application Of Drones And Its Usefulness

Of course, no technology does not have its primary purpose, which it was designed for. Be it for experimentation purposes or effective ways of combating crimes and consistent surveillance of an area. Whatever the drone’s purpose is intended for, there are several practical ways drones can be used for. For example, drones can be used for the medical field or the agricultural sector, possibly tourism, or to protect an environment from intruders or unwanted visitors. This practical application of drones has its benefits derived from it by the users who operate or implement the drones’ usage.

Uses Of Light Weight Drone In Agricultural Sector

As the agricultural sector provides both food and other natural supplements for the human race, using a drone has been believed to be an efficient way of improving their farming activities. Farmers can use drones with extensive farmland to determine the exact spot to apply fertilizers. More so, drone helps the agricultural farmers in the irrigation process where it can be used to view the amount of water that is needed. Aside from that, these unmanned aerial vehicles can monitor fence perimeters on farmland and help detect intruders who are unauthorized to access the farmland. If there is a break in the fenced area, the drone’s image would reveal the exact locations and the level of damage done. Besides, the drone can use geo tag the precise location of which the fence brakes, and this can quickly assist farmers to navigate their way to where the damage has been done.

Aside from this, in the case of fire or heavy smoke, the drone can be quickly flown over the affected area and capture the fire source and the locations that could take hours of driving to before reaching the destination.