The Advantages of Technology in Improving Queue Management


Time flies when you are talking with your loved ones, watching movies, and engaging yourself in an exciting activity! Nonetheless, being bored and waiting unproductively, time goes by super slow, and every minute can seem like an eternity.

Day-to-day, when you require a service such as visiting the bank to withdraw money or going to a hospital for treatment, if you are assisted, in a short moment, you seem to find it easy to get things done.

Why You Need Queue Management software

Moreover, when numerous people want to access the same service as you and there is a limited supply of that service, evidently, you will have to line up in a queue and wait for your turn to be assisted. Despite the fast-paced service era, sometimes, you can’t escape the waiting line for some services, for instance, a medical emergency, using the automated teller machine, or visiting a congested bank branch to make a deposit. Another common place you might have to follow is the waiting queue in the grocery store, even if you are only buying one thing. Indeed, to overcome the challenges of waiting in line, the implementation of specialized software designed by has served as a one-stop point solution for this issue. In a commercial setting where there is a high tendency to have a queue, queue management software’s practical use is the only solution to solve such problems. Typically, queue management software is critical to any sector, be it the banking system, the retail organization, the medical services, etc. Here are some features and benefits of queue software for any organization.

Increased Productivity

The ultimate goal of any organization is to have it’s clients served adequately and in a short time when services are requested. In order to be a more effective organization, you would need to invest in queue software to control its service effectively. The analytics capability of the Standspot’s product shows real-time and historical data on the key business metrics, such as average wait time, average service time, number of customers served over time of day and day of week. Such information helps the operation managers allocate just the right number of resources per location and per counter – thereby increasing the productivity manyfolds.

Faster Processing

Ideally, all customers want to be attended to in a short time. They always wish their requests, complaints, and needs are solved in a blink of an eye; with virtual queue management, organizations can effectively eliminate the ‘wait’ and meet customer’s expectations. The Virtual Queue Management system provides available service to the customers along with time and location. Customers can select and get a tag from their mobile device or by scanning a QR code on storefront to get in line. Customers can send a text message and get the status update about their position in line, choose to request more time (i.e. go back in line) or even cancel if needed.

Satisfying Customer Service Experience

Of course, no customer is interested in wasting time or not being attended to when they require an organization’s service. The Virtual Queue Management System provides the freedom and mental security to customers to use their time effectively – staying engaged with what they prefer to do while they are in the queue. As such, increased customer satisfaction leads to higher customer visits and helps make the business process much efficient. The customer visit and satisfaction data is logged enabling the operations to provide enhanced experience.