While working in an organization, the role of identity seems to be significant as it helps the individual to influence them. It can be related to the behavior and viewpoint toward any specific concern. However, while referring to the IT security professional, the identity, along with the feature of access management, seems to be an ongoing thorn in their side and specifically at the instance when the company lacks the sufficient tool to keep the data secured.

While working in the corporate environment, your identity makes confident that you are having access to the appropriate resource and has been able to work securely and uninterrupted in the environment. However, identity management tended to be a complex issue and made even more complicated with the seemingly never-ending technologies that have been implemented.

It has been encountered that technology tends to play a significant role in managing the identity; research has been made that revealed the fact that 65% of the IT security professionals have an intention to enhance their organization IAM capabilities to a great extent.

Regarding the digital workplace in recent times, employee data seems to be a lucrative target. The threats available from the cybercriminals are ever-available, and technologies concerning such have been growing enhancing sophisticated. Due to such factors, how the company has been able to manage the workplace identities more effectively and attain greater visibility over the organization?

Frustrations with identity

For answering such an issue, there has been a need to understand the various sort of issues that the company has been facing while looking to manage the identity to a great extent. It is known that no business tends to be perfect, and 92% of the companies are facing at least one issue with the workplace identity. However, this seems to be surprised that most companies face quite an identity–related challenges, including :

  • 49% of the companies struggled to balance ease of use with the level of enhanced security.
  • 40% of the company citing the concern of security related to identity solutions.
  • 37% of the employee has been facing issues to understand the concept of easy-to-use solutions.

However, there has been widespread consensus being shown among the IT team. Technology tends to enhance the right tool for security and identifying the right solution for the concern that has been regulating within the organization to a great extent. This is from the fact that employee seems to be slow in adopting the workflow and thus being vital to understanding the innovative addition seems to be easy to use and protected for maintaining the level of reliability and authentication.

Technology as a solution

Each company employs its own rules and regulation in place when there has needed to recognize the process of identity access management. However, it has been known that there was no shortage of steps that the organization chooses to keep the data in a secured form. Technology tends to integrate the employee and also assists in maintaining the level of employee retention to a great extent.

For understanding the beginning, it has been said that 93% of the UK IT professional agreed to the fact that managing user access seems to be critically significant for understanding the overall security of the company.

There has been no secret related to the fact that the majority of data breaches take place as the consequence of the weak or stolen credentials. The concept of the single-sign-on solution has been providing the advantage of eliminating the password related to the supported application. It has been able to simplify the login process concerning the employees that have been working in the company.

The businesses that are regulating across the UK are employing a high number of platforms and application for the daily functioning of the service, most of them are not being supported through SSO and considered not being the priority related to the SSO integration.

As a consequence, 805 of the IT professional agreed to the fact that relying on SSO alone will seem to leave the variety related to the cloud application that is used in the company along with the privileged account insecure. The business has been looking to pairing the SSO through the enterprise password management solution. It makes the fact that the company has been able to function in a smooth function. At the same time, make use of the application in the workplace.

Understanding the fact that password alone cannot protect the data, thus there has been needing to implement the multi-factor authentication on the top of EPM, and SSO will be able to offer the comprehensive security solution to a great extent.

With the appropriate implementation of the technological tools, the company seems to be significantly more secure, and IT teams tend to attain more considerable flexibility. The additional layer of security has been able to understand multi-factor authentication and delivers excellent results to the company.

The companies that are investing in MFA tend to attain numerous benefits. Most significantly, the organization will gain a higher level of organizational security along with fewer instances of incorrect access that has been able to retrieve the confidential data as well as lower the risk of password theft.

It is required to understand the fact that managing the identity seems to be a continuous process, and each company will be working on the different parts of the concerned journey. Since new technologies seem to develop, the company tends to find them investing in enhancing the current solution. It can be illustrated with an example that biometric technology such as voice, fingerprint, or facial recognition tends to be readily available, and the employee will feel much more comfortable.


Therefore, it can be concluded that managing the identity seems to be crucial in a working place, and technology tends to play a significant role in maintaining the security and authentication level in the company.