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How You Can Improve Your Employees Safety And Alertness At Workplace

Your employee’s safety is something that should be paramount and essential to you as an organizational head. This is so because if your employees...

Technology Revolution With 5G And Internet Of Things (IoT)

Nowadays, we hear frequently about 5G and IoT devices. Mobile devices and network infrastructures are getting upgraded to support 5G. Once it happens, we...

The Mother Of All Motherboards: EVGA’s SR-3 DARK

As the new year approaches, it is typical to take a look back and reflect on the changes of the past year. In terms...

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) And Jbehave

In a nutshell, it is -"Linking User Stories and Domain-driven design to testing." In simple words, it is a methodology for doing development on...

Looking For Privacy Online? Beginner’s Guide to VPN

Most probably, you've come across a hint of what a Virtual Private Network is; but in the most awkward situation, like being unable to...

GIGABYTE Unveils MU71-SU0 And MD71-HB0 Xeon Motherboards For Professionals

Outside of the plenty of AMD-related declarations generally, GIGABYTE has reported a couple of Intel motherboards for its workstation and server board clients. The...

How Does Smart Glasses Work

Eyeglasses are primarily made to enhance our vision in situations where we need assistance. But with the changing face in the world of technology today,...

Security And Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT devices are now an essential part of consumers, organizations, and government operations. The Internet of Things is growing popular, and there are lots...