Are you investing in website development for your business, and you are wondering, ‘why should I use WordPress?’ The fact that you have this question in mind shows that you recommend a friend or internet search. Well, do not worry because you are in the right place. We will help you weigh the pros and cons and dive-in deeper with more information.

Therefore, let’s break down the advantages and reasons you need to use WordPress, giving a detailed view of why it’s the most prevalent content management system and website building software globally. With 40% of the market share, WordPress can do just about anything! Read on.


Free and Open Source

One of the excellent features of WordPress is that it is open-source software. This means that anyone can find the essential files and records; hence, developers’ and users’ community is broad.

Because of the large community behind it, you can easily access any information you need to support and even get assistance when you encounter a bug. All you need to do is Google search your issue and you will find someone with the same problem and solution applied to the WordPress community. This is a priceless resource when you think through the amount of time you can save from researching and troubleshooting.

Moreover, if you also encounter security issues and risks, the WordPress community can quickly recognize them. It will also take the proper steps needed to amend things up and update tools like core, theme, and plugins to avoid the risk further.

Better still, if you lack time to follow up from the community or wait for the problems to occur, you can hire experts to help you manage your WordPress site. Such experts like will clean-up, update, host and even advance your tools as you will agree.

WordPress is free because you do not have to pay anything to develop your website. However, you will need to spend money on hosting, but the rates are friendly considering your needs and thorough research on various hosts.


Easy Platform to Grow Your Business

One of the best tools of WordPress is plugins. Plugins are add-ons that are responsible for specific functionality to your site. For instance, if you want to add a calendar of events, registration, and other options, there are plugins for each purpose. Remarkably, most of these plugins are free. It might be hectic in the initial stages of the setup but note that these plugins offer an excellent head-start.

When determining the plugins to use, several factors consider functionality, downloads, rating, and how frequently the plugin gets updated. You have to be sure that you’re using evidence that is practical to avoid getting into potential issues in the future.


Perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Another great use of WordPress is that it performs best for search engines. With WordPress, you can easily install permalinks which are a favorite for search engines. Permalinks are the component of the URL after the .com. For instance: “.com/dairy-farm.”

WordPress also contains excellent structural features such as categories for blog posts. Therefore the use of SEO plugins enables simple editing of Meta titles and descriptions.


Versatile For Changes

The initial purpose of WordPress was to support blogging and other types of online publishing. However, after several upgrades over the years, it can now keep several different sites. WordPress can now run compound sites for big multinational organizations, manage small trades, and create personal blogs.

Furthermore, WordPress sites can support full-service e-commerce stores, display portfolios, and even host social networks, podcasts, or groups. It will also offer basic and premium plugins to suit all the requirements for your site. However, there may be a need for extra charges to get the premium plugins.

WordPress can effortlessly adapt to a company’s varying needs because of its many themes and quick access to its source files.



Remarkably, a WordPress site is easy even for beginners to create and have it up and running in a few minutes without an expert’s help. Besides, all you need to start is a domain name and a hosting web account.

You can install WordPress freely using your WordPress hosting provider or directly upload from From there, you will get access to an easy-to-manage Admin dashboard. This dashboard comes with features necessary to modify a site’s heading and design and instantly create pages and posts.


Mobile Responsive

For a website to rank faster and higher in Google, it should be mobile responsive on any device. People visit different websites from different gadgets and the mobile ones leading by being the source of majority web visits.

Therefore, WordPress provides a range of responsive theme designs, and users can also make a static site responsive with plugins and alterations to the theme files.


Contains In-Built Blog

As content management system software, WordPress comprises multiple features that make publishing content straightforward. Among these features is an ‘in-built’ blog feature that can be quickly available from any device, wherever, for users who want to include a blog to their website instead of creating a separate one.

This is a possibly impressive feature even for those sites with no blogging intentions to start using the blog feature. They can use the feature to include updates and announcements regarding their purpose.


Themes Have Multiple Options

WordPress themes provide users with a selection of choices for perfecting the appearance and functions of a new site. This is only possible due to the large and developing directory of basic and premium themes.

Many of these are accessible immediately to a new site owner with the WordPress theme directory. Moreover, you can buy many more through design marketplaces and third-party designers globally. Better still, you can preview the available themes live and install them at any time to change the look and design of your WordPress site.

Lastly, WordPress is doing something right with the million users around the world. Therefore, there’s no need to spend more time researching it. Besides, it is free software with useful tools, and most hosting companies have a type of money-back guarantee in case their terms are not what you anticipated.