The world cannot turn a blind eye to the revolutionary changes that augmented reality is bringing on board in almost every aspect of human life. With an aim to condense the world’s reality into your virtual imagination through a computer, AR has been able to capture your attention in various Apps for your benefit.

In this article, you will learn how Augmented Reality can transform your life through Apps in ways you already knew or never knew about.

Dream Homes are now a reality with AR

With the help of the DecorMatters App that is powered by AR, you can now make your interior design dreams for your home a reality. AR comes into play here by allowing you to visualize the whole design of your dream home virtually into your current home.

Thanks to this imagination, you will be able to pick for your ideal home the best furniture and décor items that you need to purchase. When you finally make the purchase, you get to learn what Augmented Reality is at through the first-hand purchasing experience.

Furthermore, AR technology in home décor ensures that you get perfect virtual measurements to ensure that whatever you buy for the benefit of your interior design, fits just as you wanted it.

Reading Books is much easier with AR

It is impossible to mention Augmented Reality without mentioning books. Books create a visual image in your mind anytime you read them, and there is no better way to create a perfect vision in your mind other than using AR. Thanks to Apps like BooksARlive, you and your kids can now get even more engaged when reading online books than before.

The app achieves this by incorporating the multilingual augmented reality books into its platform. AR bridges the gap between fantasy and reality in these books, giving you a desirable unforgettable experience. 

Perfecting Drawing Art

Any drawing artist would agree that art involves a lot of visualization and imaginations before an actual art piece is drawn. Well, this principle of visualization and imagination attracts resonates with what AR brings on board to its users.

With AR inspired drawing Apps such as SketchAR, you can combine art, technology, education, and entertainment in one platform. This is golden for an artist as it widens your imagination scope, giving you endless ideas of what to draw and guiding you through the process.

Actualizing your Environmental Science dreams

There is virtually no aspect of life that AR has not exhausted. For instance, could you have thought that through AR, you could actualize your environmental science dream? Well, some people are already doing it. For example, a developer recently created WWF Free Rivers for this purpose.

The app virtually brings an entire landscape into your gadget and allows you to monitor a River’s flow and see how it affects the lives of people and animals. You can virtually build a dam to control the river’s flow and observe the effects of your actions. This experience gives you an upper hand in handling environmental issues in real life.

Promoting the Beautification Industry

Beauty and makeup nowadays go hand in hand. You will not achieve top-notch makeup artistry if you do not seek the help of professionals. In our current times, such professional help comes in the form of Augmented Reality inspired Apps.

YouCam Makeup, for example, is an App that would bring your makeup artistic imaginations into a reality and make your beautification business a big success. You can experiment with lots of makeup, and beauty looks in reality. With AR, the app allows you to experiment with some more striking looks with the already existing custom looks. 

Your Children can now Crack Mind Games Easily with AR

Mind games are suitable for the development of your children’s minds. An App like Cube-tastic presents to your children or even you as an adult, augmented reality technology to help you in solving the cube cracking game.

You achieve this by first scanning the cube using your device, and the app will provide you with a stepwise guide on how to solve the quagmire. With the app, your hands and eyes get to work together in coordination. You or your child gets to develop your logic skills, memory, concentration, and focus. At the end of it all, your hands and brains get rejuvenated and equipped.

Achieve Perfect Measurements

Augmented reality is your everyday perfect measurement tool if you use the services of Apps like Air Measure. This app fully uses augmented reality techniques to offer some of the most accurate measurements you could ever dream of.

The app comes equipped with 18 different tools so that you are always covered in any measurement need you have. Imagine moving your phone from point A to B like you are running a tape measure recording the measurements of the surface you are moving it along. That is what augmented reality gives you through this app.

At some point, you have to aim the camera towards an object and shoot to measure. Better still, you can draw a 3D path as you walk around and get the total length of your way. Besides, by just scanning your face through the app, the face detection mechanism can accurately estimate your full height.

Specified and Accurate Instructions with AR

You probably have had an issue with your devices, be it your phone or tablet, and needed a definitive guide on how to rectify it. Well, AR, through Vuforia Chalk, helps you achieve such tasks successfully and much faster. This app transforms your phone into a reliably powerful visual support tool. All you do is make a video call to a Tech expert and use your rear camera as a viewfinder to show the expert where your problem is.

He/she can, in return, draw on the screen using augmented reality chalk lines to give you visual instructions on how to solve your problem from your end. This helps you to solve your small phone’s issues without so much struggle and stress.

There is a promising future with these Augmented Reality Apps that we need to be happy about. However, as much as you enjoy exercising your mind while using these Apps, you can opt for creating your Apps as other developers are already doing and build a better future for others too.