It has completely changed how we solve everything, and it is here to stay. We are talking about tech, one of the newest and hottest areas to break into. Nowadays, no field isn’t affected by technology, calling for the employees of tomorrow to step up to the plate. Any and everything from the business ends of a digital presence to creating and constructing the backbone that websites will be built on is open for play, creating the hottest careers for the very near future.

If you are ready to break into the field, we have the hottest careers for 2020 and beyond. Apart from the apparent security that comes with landing a career in a growing field, you’ll also be able to enjoy the fact that most jobs can be taken on the go, allowing professionals to work remotely. If you’re ready to jumpstart your future and break into a career that has a bright and promising future, read along and discover the possibilities you could be missing.

  1. Front-End Developer

If you’ve got a knack for design, then this is an excellent option for you. Front-end developers take care of all the things you see when you visit a website. They use a combination of languages like HTML and CSS to create a unique look for a page, one that captures the company image and enhances user experience. Anyone can begin learning either one of the languages fast, with several free courses available. This is a super sweet deal, especially where taking a look at the earning ability that comes with it, with a reported average salary of $100,000.

  1. Web Developers

The average salary of a web developer falls at $71,000. They can work on websites from the inside out, working with several back-end development languages like Python and Ruby. They also dabble with a bit of design, adding small, tasteful touches to web pages to breathe them to life. Multi-faceted web developers are needed for every website in every corner of the earth, making it a good set of skills to have if you’re interested in the industry.

  1. JavaScript Developer

Java is the most popular programming language. It comes in handy for every part of a website, including the front and back ends. It even covers some of the advanced applications deployed by the most cutting-edge sites out there. Every webpage and app is created with a set of algorithms and carefully written code, acting as a puzzle that takes a bit of piecing together. A remote software engineer and java developer have an average yearly salary that is upwards of $111,000 a year. Add that in with bonuses or raises as expertise increases, and you’re looking at one of the highest paying technology careers today.

  1. Python Developer

Python is a powerful language, one that comes with loads of opportunities. It is the language of big data, helping experts analyze and manage large quantities of data. There is an opportunity to combine complex algorithms with a few of these to create comprehensible data-driven visual structures. Companies can take these visuals to help them create a strategy that allows them to do business more efficiently.  Those with the know-how of Python have the potential to earn $110,000 and up per year, depending on their skillset.

  1. AI Developer

Getting into the more complicated portions of the world of technology, there is also Artificial Intelligence. This is a field that is in its early stages, continually evolving as technology advances. Those who work with AI know about deep learning concepts, the same ones that allow voice recognition systems and self-driving cars to exist. As the technology and programing used evolves, so too do the opportunities that come from artificial intelligence. Those who choose a career as an AI developer are looking at earning an average of $110,000 per year. This, of course, is variable, increasing the more knowledge and expertise one has. This is one career in tech that requires lifelong learning, calling for professionals to keep sharp on the latest methods and technologies used continually.

  1. Data Analyst

The conversion into a more digital way of doing things has created a whole new market for businesses to take advantage of. As more potential customers take to the web to get their shopping done, data collection and analysis have increased in importance. Professionals with the skills to organize large quantities of data into useable and understandable visuals for companies comes with a lot of power. It can help them to manage their online presence and have a more substantial impact on their customer base. Those on the hunt for a career as a data analyst can expect around $50,000 on average. This is entry-level, with opportunity on the rise as more companies make their conversions to a more digital way of doing things.

Technology is here to stay. Now more than ever, the need to covert online is here, which has opened up a new spot on the job market. The hottest careers for 2020 mostly revolve around technology, making it a vast field to jump into. On top of that, most careers come with the perk of working remotely, allowing professionals to take their work on the go.

Any of our six picks above comes with the freedom to grow a knowledge base while shattering the 9 to 5 desk jobs we have all become to dread. When thinking about breaking into the industry, starting with a basic set of coding and programming skills can help in landing an entry-level job. After that, the learning will continue as the field keeps advancing to infinity and beyond. The old ways of working are becoming extinct, making way for a remote workday powered by the world wide web.