Get Ready For New Exciting 12 Features With New iPhone And iOS 13


In smartphones and other smart devices, Apple has created a dedicated ecosystem of its own. Though strictly controlled, this allows the provision of better usability and software optimization for iOS users. And, Apple has continuously worked towards delivering a better user experience by pushing out new releases as well as updates regularly. iOS13, the latest software from the tech giant, brings several new features that every new iPhone user would enjoy.

Release of iOS 13

Introduced in June 2019 and launched in September 2019, Apple’s next-generation operating system, iOS 13, is available for both iPhones and iPads. Now, you might be curious to know what’s new in the latest operating system variant. Here you will get a complete list of new as well as improved features and other enhancements provided with iOS 13.

What is New in iOS 13?

iOS 13 is more efficient and faster than the 12th variant. The latest update has revised the time taken by an app to update while the time to launch an app has been made 2x faster. Some small yet commendable apps like Face ID have been improved by 30 percent along with a 50 percent reduction in the app size, which eventually speeds up the system. This upgrade is available for all the devices starting iPhone 7.

Features of iOS13 and new iPhone Models:

  1. Dark Mode: One of the latest features provided with iOS13 that every user is excited for is the Dark Mode. And, Apple has come up with a modern Dark Mode. By switching to it, the whole look of the screen, including apps and background changes. The feature changes hues from the standard bright white and light grey to black and dark grey. Also, this mode is fully compatible with all the Apple-supported apps. If you don’t want the dark mode on all the time, you can also define a fixed schedule in settings.
  2. Apple Maps – Look around Feature: The maps have been updated again, and this time they are unmatchable. The new modifications in the plan are that now the app works even faster and captions broader road coverage with pedestrian data. Apple Maps are more accurate in providing the addresses and realistic details of the roads, beaches, parks, as well as buildings. Plus, you get all the visuals in a 3D view and a 360-degree experience.
  3. MemojiGets Better: The idea of Apple, including “me” in the Memoji, has become a big success. Memoji now has one trillion more realistic configurations, better makeup, and headwear. Besides, one can share Memojis through any platform now.
  4. FaceTimeCorrection: This feature is an interesting one. In iOS13, users get a choice for facetime attention correction, and it is mind-boggling. What this feature does is, whenever you are on a facetime call and looking at the next screen, you will be still, however, looking straight at the front camera. It means you give no more of the distracted looks.
  5. Sign in with Apple: There’s a privacy feature that Apple added after a whole lot of revision and modifications. This feature enables every user to sign into apps and websites more safely. What happens now is that Apple ID will be able to verify your account on your behalf via Touch ID or Face ID. By this method, a developer (or an app) will see a unique random ID only instead of your actual credentials.
  6. CarPlay is CompletelyModernized: While driving your car, you get easy access to all your go-to features such as music, Apps, calendar, Maps, and even those third-party navigation apps as well as your phone, all on your car’s display.
  7. QuickPath Keyboard: This one’s an entertaining feature of sliding across your keyboard to form up the words. With the latest update, around seven languages are added to the QuickPath keyboard. These include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.
  8. Find My iPhone: This feature comes out as a hybrid version of My Friends and My iPhone combined. Find MY IPHONEwill now assist you in finding your friends and locate them as well as see your missing iPhone gadgets.
  9. Reminders are Overhauled: According to developers of all the built-in apps, Reminders have got the most significant iOS overhaul. Those are now more organized, systematic, and include shortcuts. iOS13 makes it much easier to add a reminder. And, a pro-feature is added, with which, whenever you will make plans in messages, Siri will step up to assist you as a real-time personal assistant in making reminders.
  10. Camera and Portrait Mode Changes: Many of the Apple users have been waiting for the ability to modify or perform required changes on the intensity of light in portrait mode. The camera now, when changes to portrait mode, makes doing it much faster and efficient. For this, iOS13 adds a new monochromatic effect named High Key Mono is added in the portrait mode.
  11. Better Photos App: Apple has renamed its gallery app as the Dairy of a fairy tale. A new feature will soon be provided for organizing your entire collection of photos, and you will be able to see absolute highlights from your gallery. Besides, a significant problem has been solved wherein no one was able to change the ratio of photos and videos from 4:3 to 16:9 within the camera app. However, still, when sharing a picture, it will be sent in the 4:3 ratio. IOS13 has also advanced its photo editing tools allowing you to crop, rotate, apply filters in videos, and adjust portrait lighting.
  12. AirDrop Update: This feature is specific to the new iPhone model, including iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. On the latest devices with U1 chip, you will be able to send files from one device by merely pointing towards the other. The media will be shared just like that.

Apple’s iOS 13 update is being referred to as the strongest and, by far, the best in the last decade. Despite many new features, the new OS hasn’t shown any of the detrimental flaws like those shown in previous updates. There is no report of a drop in battery life, and Siri now gets a natural voice tone alongside an upgrade to a smarter assistant.