Yes, you can have solid tech skills that are exceptional; however, if you do not know how to position yourself in the tech industry, you are likely not to get hired. Indeed your skills are pretty necessary, but a poorly crafted resume would shoot you out before you even get to be interviewed. In the present age, recruiting managers focus and pay a lot of attention to your resume, and they decide whether you are fit for the role or not through your resume.

There is nothing like a perfect resume, as what works for company A, might not work for company B. Besides, what is considered an effective resume by recruiter A, might not be appealing to recruiter B. However, your resume should contain the necessary skills and knowledge you have acquired as a software developer, while there should be no red flags in your resume. It is so unfortunate that most software developers believe it is their skills alone that are needed to help them land a good job while they pay less attention to their resume. That said, you should take note that your success as a software developer is only achievable through a good resume crafted by experts like to position you in front of a hiring manager. Here are some helpful tips you should implement to have a good resume.


Your Resume Should Show Your Career Trajectory

Employers would always love to see where you have worked in the past and the roles you have handled, and the extent of impact you made. More so, recruiters always want to see a positive and compelling career progression that fits the role. Besides, as a developer, your previous work experience must be centered on the core aspect of functioning effectively.


Your Resume Should Be Customized

Your resume should tell the story of the role you are applying for. It should be tailored towards the job description of the position and should contain relevant skills and projects relating to the new job role you seek. Writing a master list of your project and compiling your resume to fits the role would make the recruiter develop an interest in you. In other words, a job role that says you should be familiar with the C# programming language should see relevant C# projects you have completed listed on your resume. Therefore, you should remove any irrelevant projects or tasks you have undergone in the past that contradict the new role.


Utilized The Role Keywords

The role you are applying for would have some keywords relevant to the job description; implementing these keywords into your resume would make it past the ATS software used by recruiters to filter job applications. Many organizations use keywords to filter candidates off the list to ensure they have the right one.