Big Dilemma – Should One Have A Web Page With Single CTA Or Not


The main question related to the article tends to be the fact that does add the multiple CTAs to the web page seems to confuse the users? According to some developers, it has been said that multiple CTAs offer visitors more options that can be converted to deliver an effective result.

However, according to experts, it seems feasible to handle the single CTA at a point of the instance without being overwhelmed and abandoning the ship.

The answer related to such question seems to be complicated from the fact that each consumer attains the unique browsing habit and various individual acts uniquely which will eventually depend upon the situation. It refers to the fact that how the individual needs to use CTA depending on different aspects.

However, it’s a fact that multiple CTA buttons tend to decision paralysis for the leads. There has been an opportunity related to the fact that extra CTA will help someone moving further down the buying funnel for the fact that they might not be ready for making the purchase.

Now the main question to the fact that should a web page attain a single CTA? Does it have to be known whether the web page seems to have one CTA only?

Perhaps the question isn’t “Should a web page have a single CTA?” but “When and why should a web page have just one CTA?”

When the probable visitor tends to scroll down the bottom of the landing page or home page, it will show the CTA that has been asking regarding the fact that it entails how to “Create an Account “Purchase Now” or Download.”

The most significant fact related to the CTA relates to the fact each of the marketing assets needs to be considered significant. If the business website doesn’t have a CTA, the business is not pushing the customer to the next stage during the purchase journey that refers to the fact that business needs to have the roadblock on the path to the conversion.

Different Web Pages Require Different Numbers of CTA

From the fact, each web pages need to have CTA that doesn’t imply the fact that it has been considered as a good idea to use the same strategy for everything. Each asset that has been available in the digital portfolio from the home page to the landing pages tends to play a significant role in the customer journey. However, there are some assets, such as the homepage seems to offer an audience with plenty of option available and needs to remain focused as possible.


The homepage of the website tends to have different CTAs. Also, it has been considered as the first page always tends to introduce the customer to the brand.

The individual who visits the client or company homepage will not necessarily have a single goal in consideration. It has been seen that some of the individual needs to learn more regarding the brand. And others tend to check the client products that have been available to the customers.

With the appropriate homepage, the business looks to offer adequate freedom to the customer. The customer will not be available at the stage in the purchase journey and doesn’t seem to be pushed to make a single decision concerning the issues.


It has been seen that most of the product page seems to have at least a couple of CTA buttons that have been available for the reason. Also, there has been a chance that the site tends to have more than one kind of customers toward the business. On the other hand, business seems to have the buyer who is looking to add the product to the basket and then tends to continue the process of browsing.

Depending on the product type that the client has been selling, you might even attain people that are visiting the website product pages that look to talk with the customer representative.

After all, it has been known that most business doesn’t offer the customer the option to call the service representative regarding the issues. As a designer, an individual must choose and decide whether to provide the link as a button or just necessary hyperlinks for the customer to make the selection.

The landing page has not been considered as just another element of the client website, as being a focused strategy that has been intended to perform the considerate action through the customer. From the concern, it has been that most of the landing pages tend to stick with the single Calls-to-Action that helps to acknowledge the audience member and let them know what process has to be carried out in the prospect.

When the client is spending a lot of effort and time into getting the client to visit the specific page, then it gets essential for the designer to make sure regarding the fact that each operation has been carried out in the organization in a hassle-free manner.

There has been a common belief concerning the digital design that the developer will design the web page around the single call to action. The single call to action has been considered as the valid route for the dedicated page where the probable customer has been tending to perform the specific step in the supposed deadline.

If the customer has made the click on the email link to arrive at the landing page, there has been an effective change to get converted. There are several pages available on the site that needs a single CTA as well. For the point of consideration, the specific service page will provide the chance to send an inquiry regarding the concern.

However, there has been room available in the website design regarding the multiple CTAs as well. The home page, store pages along the contact pages make use of the CTA button.


It has been considered as adhere to the experience to the client needs to be found at various stages related to the purchase when they are attempting to reach the probable customer.