The android operating system enjoys massive popularity across the world. It features a simplified mobile app development process that makes it one of the most user-friendly software. Tech enterprises can leverage Android to create custom mobile apps that solve the problems of everyday customers.

Android systems have also increased the value of such enterprises.  If you implement android application development in your business, you stand to gain from a number of the operating system’s foremost benefits.

 It is free

Android is offered as a free open platform operating system that is built on Linux. It provides open-source solutions for various mobile devices that seek to provide full software operating systems for their applications. The user acceptance to Android has also grown substantially from the time Google acquired it.

Additionally, the popularity of Android has since grown to give established brands such as Apple a run for their money. Many new devices are now anchored to run under the Android operating system. The fact that it is free enables small businesses and startups to develop their apps easily. You will also get a unique opportunity to price your apps more competitively and compete with other established developers.

You spend little and get high ROI

When compared to other options in the market, Android has a low barrier to entry. This is because you are provided a free software development kit by Android. Consequently, your development and licensing costs will be reduced substantially. Nevertheless, it would be best if you were prepared to spend a good amount on application and development, testing, and costs of testing and deploying the new android mobile application you are developing.

 Open source advantage

With Android, you are sure to benefit from its open-source advantage. This includes licensing, royalty, and help that is provided by the android community. The Android SDK is designed to enable you to interact with the community in any area of android mobile application you are developing. The open-source advantage has made the android platform quite popular for handset manufacturers as well as wireless operators. Open source advantage enables them to develop Android-based phones faster. They also get opportunities to earn more.

 Easy to integrate

If you are searching for an ideal technical customization system that suits a smartphone application or web application, then you may opt for a suitable android platform. The android platform comes ready for any customization that suits your needs. The applications allow you to easily integrate and tweak the mobile app to meet your specific business needs.

Additionally, most of the android applications are designed to enable background processes that will allow easy integration with the particular apps you are developing. You can, therefore, easily build apps for gaming, entertainment, and business using this platform. Besides, if you are a startup on a low budget, the android SDK will also help you minimize licensing and development costs.

You enjoy multiple sales channels

Compared with other mobile platforms in the market, Android app development services enable you to choose from the various sales channels. The platforms can be deployed in different ways that offer consumers several options.

You will, therefore, not be limited to a single market when you are marketing your applications. It is also possible for you to use third-party applications, market place such as Google android market to distribute your applications.

Alternatively, you can opt to form your unique sales and distribution channel if you choose the android platform. The multiple channels will enable you to reach the target end-users easily.

Easy approvals

Android applications easily get approved. Compared to other platforms, the process of app approval in a given android platform is easier and faster. You can also upload your android application faster and easier on Google play.

The method of getting your apps approved to enable you to upload to Google play store is very straightforward. There are no complex policies that you should comply with before your app is accepted. Once you have agreed with the established policies, your new app will easily gain access to the big android market.

Android platforms are optimized for social apps

Android comes with unique features that support the development of various social apps. These features have made Android be the number one choice with social app developers across the world. If you are a social app developer, you can use the android platform to come up with unique apps that bring high returns on investments.

It is also an ideal platform for businesses wishing to go social and attract and retain more clients. Besides, the fact that android platforms come with customizable User Interface allows you to make apps that are unique and engaging.

 Highly secured

Android apps feature top-notch security. It is entirely free from hacking and another hardware malfunctioning common in some other platforms. Goodge uses high tech security features, such as the address space layout, to secure the platforms form attacks. Initially, Android used to be a soft target for attackers, but in recent times, Google has managed to fortify the platform and turn it into one of the most secure in the market currently.

 Huge market share

A recent study reveals that Android enjoys a big market share of 82 percent in the devices market. Consequently, there is a high chance that the Android operating system is powering the smartphone you are using currently. If you are a software developer seeking a bite in the apps market, it is wise to choose Android since the vast market it enjoys will provide you with dependable opportunities for your venture.

 Freedom and innovation

With Android, you are free to put your imagination and creativity into use. You are allowed to come up with exciting and engaging apps. Some of the other competitors lack this kind of freedom, and you may not be allowed the creative space to come up with unique apps of your own.

Finally, if you are looking for a suitable platform that will allow you to maximize your android app, you may want to choose Android. It comes with many benefits to make it a top leader in the software world. You can also get valuable information on how to buy android installs at