ASUS Shows Off A Concept 420mm AIO Cooler For AMD TRX40 Socket!


It is no secret that ASUS has its fingers in a number of areas of laptop parts together with motherboard, VGA, desktop, cellular, and peripherals. Considering the cooling requirement for AMD’s HEDT Ryzen Threadripper 3000 collection of processors, it is showcased its newest conceptual AIO CPU cooler design, which options a big 420 mm radiator equipped with three premium Noctua black followers.

With the higher cooling prerequisite for AMD’s HEDT Ryzen Threadripper 3000 CPUs, ASUS has shown off a model for a 420 mm radiator AIO CPU cooler, which uses 3 first-class Noctua fans. Some additional features that this AIO CPU cooler consists of an all-black design with no RGB lights to be displayed and a full cover cold plate designed specifically to cool AMD’s 3rd Gen Threadripper processors.

An advanced cooler system

ASUS’s Concept 420 mm AIO CPU Cooler will offer compatibility for TRX40 socket, and utilizes the Noctua NF-A14 2,000 PWM fans! This model was shown off at ASUS’s suite at CES 2020, and this AIO cooler apparently utilizes Noctuas NF-A14 2,000 PWM fans, which can spin up to 2,000 RPM and has an all-black design. This all-black design suits very well with ASUS’s ROG Zenith II Extreme TRX40 motherboard.

The Noctua NF-A14 fans that are utilized to cool the 420 mm radiator are designed around the thought of offering the most airflow whilst maintaining the overall noise low. The incorporated fans are IP67 Certified with a maximum sound level of 31.5 dBa and offer a wide speed range of 500 RPM to 2000 RPM. These fans will use a fiber-glass reinforces polyamide structure and which offers more dust and water defense.

Another aspect of this CPU cooler is that the ASUS’s 1.77″ LiveDash OLED customizable screen is inaugurated in the CPU block, from the modern concept cooler the design of this CPU block is a bit massive when compared to other CPU blocks at present on the marketplace, but you can anticipate all the flamboyant LEDs as the ROG RYUJIN series AIO liquid coolers.

When we will see this cooler system?

While no formal statement has been released if this idea cooler will be coming to the marketplace, if this CPU cooler does watch the light of day, ASUS wants to have it prepared for the launch of AMD’s ThreadRipper 3990X processor, a processor that plans to sell for $3,990 and will provide a total thread count of 128 threads and have a maximum TDP of 280 watts. ASUS has yet to release an announcement about the pricing of this bigger AIO cooler. Still, with the overall bigger size of the radiator, this AIO cooler will most likely be a bit expensive!

With AMD set to launch its 64 core 128 thread Threadripper 3990X within the coming months, ASUS has unveiled an idea design 420 mm AIO CPU with a few notable options. The TR4 socket cooler, which at the moment has no identify consists of an all-black design with no RGB LEDs to talk of, though the CPU block does embody ASUS’s 1.77″ LiveDash OLED customizable display. Different options embody a full cowl chilly plate specifically designed to chill the third era, Threadripper processors, with an all-black design that matches properly with its ROG Zenith II Excessive TRX40 motherboard.

The unnamed idea cooler as displayed at ASUS’s suite at CES 2020 consists of three Noctua NF-A14 2000 PWM followers, which spin as much as 2000 rpm and omits RGB LEDs for an all-black look which is extra delicate. ASUS hasn’t launched any extra details about when it could hit manufacturing, or if it’ll, however upon chatting with ASUS, they had been very eager to have it prepared for the launch of AMD’s Threadripper 3990X processor which options a TDP of 280 W.

A new CLC design

The boffins above at ASUS’ hardware labs have been cooking up a new Closed-Loop Liquid Cooler (CLC) design for AMD’s latest TRX40 platform, a water cooling all-in-one that can handle the strain of AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor.  During their CES 2020 keynote, AMD uncovered its 64 core Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, a processor that has no equal. No other X86 processor provides this many cores on a single socket, making this processor exclusive both in terms of its abilities and its prospective.

With such a big and core heavy design, manufacturers of cooling solutions will require to reorganize their TRX40 heatsink and liquid cooler designs, as the Threadripper 3990X is lots of CPU to cool. With their TRX40 concept cooler, ASUS appears ready for even the Threadripper 3990X, offering users a 420mm radiator (3x140mm) and 3 Noctua NF-A14 PWM fans. Join that with a TRX40 particular block design, and we have loads of cooling perspective on our hands.

If AMD’s Threadripper 3990X offers severe levels of performance at stock, one has to marvel what will occur when it is overclocked on a high-end motherboard and is cooled by a competent enough heatsink of All-In-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler. This could be the heatsink that experiments that presumption, assuming ASUS ever releases it.

As a concept design, there is constantly the possibility that this CPU cooler will never make it to the marketplace. Even so, we expect that ASUS is crazy enough to build something that will cater to Threadripper 3990X overclockers, as we really desire to see the fullest perspective of AMD’s most influential processor.

On the CPU block of ASUS’ concept TRX40 cooler, AMD provides users a similar OLED display as the company’s Ryujin series AIOs, although the unit has incorporated no RGB lighting. The block features a cold plate that can wrap the whole IHS of AMD’s Threadripper series processors, which is an obligation for cooling such a gargantuan processor.

Optimistically we will observe this CPU cooler become obtainable soon after AMD’s the release of AMD’s TRX40 flagship, though we guess that we will have to wait and see.