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About SHEC » History

Company Overview

SHEC started in 1996 as a company doing research in the production of hydrogen using solar technology. SHEC has developed:

  • advanced solar concentration and receiver technology for the efficient collection of solar energy
  • solar reactor, solar modulation and heat transfer technology
  • catalyst and synthesis technology
  • technologies for proprietary manufacturing processes

SHEC has formed strategic partnerships with a number of universities, engineering firms and coalitions to globally deploy its technology.

SHEC is currently working on deployment of Solar Hydrogen production stations that will turn waste greenhouse gas emissions from landfills into hydrogen. This technology uses a two step process to first create synthesis gases that are then turned into hydrogen. These synthesis gases from the first step of this process can be used to create other alternative fuels, including liquid fuels.

SHEC is also working to deploy its technology for power generation and is forming partnerships to pursue the deployment of facilities to generate several gigawatts from solar energy.

SHEC can also use its technology for industrial process and district heating. SHEC is currently working to establish new green community developments

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